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Compliance Testing by Superior Equipment Technicians

All testing is conducted by Superior Equipment’s certified Inspectors in: International Code Council (ICC) , OSHA 40hour & HAZWOPER Trained & Confined Space Entry, Department of Agriculture Weights & Measures.


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Commercial (Hi Flow) & Retail Meter Calibration: Inaccurate calibration due to meter drift, meter wear or lack of preventative maintenance can cost site owners thousands per year in lost gallons at the nozzle. 


Cathodic Protection Testing ICC U4: We perform re-certification testing for both impressed current Cathodic Protection systems & also Sacrificial Cathodic Protection systems.


Helium Leak Trace Testing: This form of leak trace testing is to find an extremely hard place to locate the leak source. 


Spill Bucket / Containment Sump / Under Dispenser Containment Testing ICC U1: Regulation enforcement begins 10/13/2018 for Illinois & testing in Missouri began in 2019 with completion dates of 1/1/2020 to insure all spill buckets are leak proof. 

Overfill Prevention Equipment Testing ICC U1: The OPV is required to be tested & installed correctly to confirm there won’t be overflow, ultimately saving money on cleanup cost in the event of an OPV failure or defect. 


Tank, Line & Leak Detection: We are certified to to test tanks up to 30,000 gallon capacity. We utilize Tank Tightness, Precision Line Tightness & Leak detector equipment that is 3rd party certified & approved by National Work Group on Leak Detection. We are able to evaluate any vessel that can be sealed, including tank wagons, barge compartments, underground storage tanks and above-ground storage tanks. 


Notice of Violations: Correct deficiencies & NOV non-compliance issues, but if not resolved in a specific amount of time by the state, the site may be shutdown. 

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