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Image by Syed Ahmad Shahabuddin Alhabshi
SECO Fuel Polishing


From the moment diesel fuel is transported it is being contaminated. With improper monitoring and care, the fuel can phase separate. Regular fuel (predictive maintenance) testing/polishing can uncover potential engine killers and solve the problem before it becomes one.


Image by Ryan Schram

We offer:

  • Visual inspection by gently placing a bacon bomb into the tank to gather some fuel

  • Fuel polishing from 70 micron down to 1 micron

While it may not seem like a problem now, once bad diesel is pumped into generators or trucks, unexpected problems may begin to formulate. Our fuel polishing service will allow you to avoid this problem.


All AST (above ground storage tanks) or UST (underground storage tanks) containing diesel fuel are mandatory to be tested semi annually. Every generator powered by diesel fuel is required by NFPA 110 Standard for Emergency & Standby power systems to be tested semi annually (twice a year).

To learn more about our fuel polishing strategy, please contact us direct by clicking here.

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