Generations of Petroleum Craftsmanship

Troubleshooting equipment, flow rates, mechanical & electrical equipment is best performed by craftsman with years of hands on experience. Anybody can swap out a retail dispenser board, but we provide our partners with a thorough inspection to find the root to the problem occurring at fueling facilities & critical power systems. Our services come with the same promise of quality, dedication, and durability. Licensed and insured, we are the experienced contractor with knowledge passed down from generations.

I want to give a big thumbs-up to the tech from Superior Equipment. He really helps all of us out at night & keeps the station running as smooth as possible. Yes, I will call to report issues that I think need immediate attention, but for small issues, I will email your group. The crazy thing is he (the technician) has usually already been out there through the night before I email you. I just wanted to say thank you. It make my / our job easier. Thanks again.
— AT&T Fueler @ SPIRE
Just wanted to send you an email to pass on, Erik was a delight to work with. He was courteous & very knowledgeable. He is an asset to your company. Thank you for your services.
— Danny @ 8WC Airport
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Peace of mind

We began our journey in 1962 as a pump shop with one phrase in our minds, “treat your partners as if they were your family.”

Team SECO believes; in order to continue our adventure, we will provide our partners with the same respect we give to our spouses & children. Our families come first as do our partnerships. We look forward to bringing Peace of Mind to our partners’ facilities!