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Superior Equipment Company began as a pump shop in 1962.


Back then many fueling stations were not considered to be convenience stores, but the location in which many of our parents took their vehicles to get oil changes, tires rotations, complete vehicle service repairs.

Today, these service are mostly found at national chains providing oil changes, tire rotations, along with many other at Truck Stops / Travel Plazas, manufacturer’s (auto, recreational, military, etc.) dealerships, and Vehicle Maintenance Facilities (VMF) for fleets. Service Garage Monthly Inspections: Ensuring Smooth Operations Every Month!


Are you constantly facing unexpected breakdowns and maintenance issues in your service garage? Are these unexpected costs taking a toll on your business's profitability and efficiency? Look no further! Introducing our Service Garage Monthly Inspections, a comprehensive and proactive solution to ensure the smooth operations of your garage throughout the year!


Image by Syed Ahmad Shahabuddin Alhabshi

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